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Q: What if the crew hits a water line or gas line?

On the occasion that there’s a miscalculation and we hit a water or gas line, we clear the area, and keep our distance. Being mindful of what substances are leaking is important. At Sujay Transport Corporation, we will always contact the utility company immediately to have it dealt with professionally.

Q: What problems with the foundation are encountered?

Old foundations can exhibit cracks and crumbling which means they’re compromised and any company should proceed with caution when working around them. During new foundation installation, a high water table makes for lots of trouble. But with the right equipment we can work to fill and dry your foundation.

Q: Should I notify the neighbors? Are there any dangers to them?

Pursuing any type of major construction work should be something you discuss with neighbors if they’re close by. They could be at risk for utility issues, and if you are quite close to your neighbors and digging is necessary up to their foundation they could suffer from the same problems as your property.

Q: What precautions are taken for safety?

At Sujay Transport Corporation we take every precaution for the safety of our team, our clients, and the property we’re excavating on. We avoid falls by avoiding the use of mobile equipment, and protect every trench we create. Prior to any digging, the soil is tested for potential issues and utility lines are mapped out and avoided. In the case of builds that take days or even weeks, inspections are done at the beginning of every day.